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MD MicroSurgical SurgiNetix SystemTM

About the Technology

MD Microsurgical introduces a new paradigm in TeleSurgery. The SurgiNetix SystemTM is comprised of multiple hardware/software modules designed to provide an interactive form of TeleSurgery based on a surgical microscopy platform. This highly networked, multi-visualization system delivers remote interactive consultation capabilities during surgery by providing both a two-way audio/video link with a physical hardware control from, and to, anywhere in the world with 3D rendering of the anatomical surgical site from both a macro and micro perspective. A scalable video integration system which acts as a central router for all video-formatted patient data providing a resource through the archiving of patient files as desired is also provided.

How it Works

The Company’s philosophy is to produce products and service solutions desired by both civilian/commercial and military healthcare providers that add medical and collaborative information value for improved patient outcomes, while minimizing surgical risks and complications, yet permitting higher O.R. and case-turnover efficiencies. MDS offers:

• Reference Visualization Images via Digital Files incorporating several modalities through a single, easy-to-access platform

• Networked Systems Internet-linked within and into the O.R.

• Telelinked Telesurgical Video & Communications Network Worldwide into the O.R.

• Remote Interactivity (Controls & Surgical Notation on Images) from any location in the world

• Data Collection and Archiving for easy access from the O.R.

• Integrates New Robotic Systems into and from the O.R. or remote locations

• SurgiPlan/“Juke Box” Case Studies— Using new Information Platform & Digital Imaging (Training and Education, as well as Marketing) for Surgeon access

• SurgiLapsed Time Module - Efficiency & Throughput (Minimizing Risks & Complications) for increased efficiency in performing surgical procedures

• Scalable and upgradeable utilizing MDS technology

The MDS information-based, digital, surgical system is also intended to be a “pipe-line” for alliance companies to utilize in supplying expanded digital services for the O.R. or hospital.

• Secured Access to Digital Archives of Patient Records (Caregiver & Patient Access Only)

• Illness, Prior Surgeries, etc.

• Emergency Information Database

• Patient History (i.e., allergies, drug interactions, etc.)

• Pharmaceutical Data

• Other Digital Services/Information (opens opportunities for corporate alliances)

Financial Projections

First Quarter 2011 financial projections are $2.5 million.


The entire SurgiNetix Management Team includes high-level executives with over 200 years of collective experience in building successful early-stage, start-up companies in the targeted medical sections including ophthalmology, neurosurgery, plastic, spinal and ENT surgery.

Jeff Davidson, Co-Founder and President

  • Comprehensive experience in machine control, information technology, medical/clinical equipment applications, customer satisfaction, finance, management, product development and sales channel management
  • Extensive regulatory knowledge working closely with FDA/CDRH regarding product development compliance issues and currently an official U.S. correspondent to FDA
  • Degrees in business and electronics engineering technology

Don McCloud, Co-Founder and Vice President, Sales 

  • 27 years experience (including Karl Storz) in hospital market and capital equipment sales process within operating room market and well versed in distribution channel selection/ management with broad network of contacts 
  • Skilled in addressing customer needs, relationship building and clinical advisor recruitment with strong network in medical community in virtually every surgical discipline
  • Minor in Business

Valentino Montegrande, Co-Founder and Vice President, Marketing and Clinical Education

  • Over 30 years experience (including Baxter International & Kendall McGaw AHS) in strategic marketing, launching new medical technologies/companies, business/product development strategies, investor relations, managed care strategies, physician education and training
  • Significantly impacted healthcare industry through introduction of disruptive technologies for start-up medical companies (Genentech, Hybritech, Caremark, CooperSurgical, etc.)
  • Bachelor’s degree, Business/Mktg Communications; Graduate courses completed







The Global Market

Military, Hospitals, Clinics, Neurosurgeons, Teaching Hospitals and Universities

Early Intervention Saves LIves
Decreases the amount of time between impact and treatment.

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