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Every engagement is different. We have set some general guidelines for how we prefer to work. Before we have our initial meeting, we request that you send us your business plan or executive summary so that we can review it before our initial meeting. As a resource, we have designed some guidelines to help you with your business plan. Please click here to download the outline. There is no charge for our initial consultation.

Initial meeting

A C-Level Clone executive will meet with you to discuss your business plan. We will listen and understand the context in which your business challenges are currently fixed. We want you to meet us and understand that we endeavor to create a mutually beneficial relationship that includes goal congruence and mutual respect. Your business problems can only be effectively resolved by this team approach.

Thorough analysis

Our team of executives will perform a thorough analysis on every facet of your business situation in their current circumstances. This would include a focus on the identified goals of management and the necessary resources to meet them. Our “Integrated” approach mandates that every functional area of your organization be considered as part of the endeavor to ensure that C-Level Clone can supplement and support your existing managerial efforts.

Summary of findings

Once our analysis is completed, C-Level Clone will distribute the results in the form of brief summary. This will include an explanation of our methodology, the discoveries, their implications and an outline of our proposed solutions. This document will serve as the basis of an in-depth discussion between the parties that allows all questions to be addressed and that leaves no issue under-evaluated.

Letter of intent

If management is satisfied with our summary and wants to enter into a consultative relationship with C-Level Clone, a letter of intent will be issued. This will serve as a contract and will outline all the deliverables with timetables and milestones, and with charges, fees and proposed compensation. An additional meeting can occur to address all questions concerning the contract before an engagement would take place.

Please contact one of our executives for more information.





Our Community Values

CLC is committed to community values. Our goal is to form a charitable arm to give back and create scholarship and business opportunities for young entrepreneurs.  We also have established a mentoring program for young business people. CLC strives to bring sound business principles built on integrity and basic fundamental values. One of our central missions is to create future business leaders