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CLC has recently entered into a partnership with the following companies to strategically position them for funding and business growth:

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C-levelclone Blood Management Markets

Cryogenic Preservation of Biological Materials (LTR Blood Freezer Bags)

Technology extends shelf life of drawn blood from 90 days to infinity.

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MD MicroSurgical SurginetixTM
The new paradigm for telesurgery.
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If you are an investor and want more information about any of the companies listed above, please call: 617-799-4211.

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It's all about execution

The 21st century is witnessing a revolution in business practices. This new paradigm is being driven by a shift in power from organizations to consumers. Technology is redefining the rules of engagement. Ideas about value creation will provide the guidelines for establishing new and evolving business models for organizations to compete successfully.  Managerial leadership must learn to integrate all elements of business strategy into a cohesive and sustainable set of business practices. The speed and scope of change in the marketplace demands these skills.

At C-Level Clone, we specialize in this new mode of thinking. Our management team possesses over 200 years of C-Level expertise in nearly every major industry: retail, services and technology. They have launched new ventures, led management teams in growing organizations to 7 figures and higher and assisted management in saving companies from bankruptcy.

Our assembled team of executives shares knowledge in a collaborative manner. What makes us different is that we both strategize and execute tactics.

Expert solutions at every strategic move
Some of our accomplishments include:

Reduced inventory investment by $1,000,000, shipping labor by 25%;
Eliminated $1 million bank loan;
Doubled marketing ROI;
Dramatically improved retail chain liquidity;
Increased sales of existing product line in one year by 18%.

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CFO responsiblities
Product line sale to other parties
Raising capital & funding projects
Mergers & acquisitions
Financial analysis & projections
Preparing financials

Testing of new products
Market research and marketing plans

Corporate Identity & Branding
Product Packaging
Trade Show Exhibits
Social Media Campaigns

Web Development
Strategy, content and design
IT Solutions

Business Management
Temporary C-Level responsibilities
Business development
Turnaround management
Strategic partners
Business plans